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Terms Of Service


- Only trade with those whom you trust.
- Selling items, characters, or accounts for real money isn't allowed. (Automatic permeant IP ban)
- Don't press "Approve" button while trading with others, until they place the agreed items or gold on their exchange side.
- We WILL NOT refund or interfere if you get scammed or fooled by someone. (So please be careful)
- Giving away your account password is putting you at risk of being scammed, so don’t give away any information about your account. If you do, then don’t contact us for help. DO NOT give away any of your account information because you will be held responsible.


Normal channel chat rules:
-No Insulting
-No Racism
-No Spamming or Flood
-You are not allowed to advertise other servers, hacks, or scamming programs, or sites, etc (perm ban).
-If you break these rules you will get banned for 3/7 days. (Insulting a GM is a perm ban).
-There will be NO MORE insulting using the words “God” or “Allah”. For those that will curse using these 2 words will cause an automatic permanent ban.


- In this server, there are many ways to purchase Silk Points:
-"PayPal" (for every $1= 100 Silk Points) with 10% bonus.
-"Paymentwall" which allows you to purchase Silk Points in many ways. (Visa cards, Paysafecard, Gift cards, any many more)
-For those Egyptians players that wishes to purchase Silk Points, please send a private message to the GM on our FB page.


If you want to report a player you need to provide us with a proof.
Without any proof, we won't ban anyone.
To make any report, please go to our Facebook page and send a message to the GM.


The GM's are here to help the players, and answer their questions.
There are NO GM's that plays RockySro so please be careful of those scammers.
that claims that they're GM's. Also, if you encounter anyone that is clamming to be a GM within the game please report immediately.


- Don't Alchemying by BOTS because this will lead your items to be destroyed.
- Each player is allowed to open 6 chars.