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Welcome to RockySro
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Hello, welcome to "RockySro" We are really proud to present your our new 110 Cap server online. We've experienced very well and improved game player. There are active community and a friendly staffs.The most important thing is very stable and nice server. We are sure we will be witnessing the up-time rates for a very long time and we will provide services to the players from all over the world as the "RockySro" server is an international server. This situation brings. Different playing styles in the game and this is going to be too much fun to our players.



▶ First of all you should go to to create a new account HERE.
▶ After registering you need to download the full client HERE.
▶ You can download our PATCH but I recommend you to download the full client to avoid any future problems.
▶ To know more about our GAME or If you have any problem please visit our Facebook page HERE.

Unique Drop 3/7/2020

We made all normal Unique to drop: Arena Coin , Immortals Stone and Silver coin. Note:The Unique which appear every 5 hours.

New Avatars 16/6/2020

We have released a lot of new Avatars.

Job Trade 7/6/2020

We have updated the Trade profit.

Medusa 1/5/2020

We have updated the Medusa drop (Gold Coin, Silver Coin , Arena Coin and Immortals Stones.).

Stones 10/2/2020

We have updated all stones to be able to stack them up to 200 items.

FortressWar price 30/1/2020

We have updated The Fortress war reward to be 20 Billion Gold.

50% Sale 14/12/2019

Buy any amout of silk points and you will get 50% +, If you buy 1000 silk points you will get them 1500 silk points.